FOLLOWING a brilliantly accomplished last-minute line-up shuffle, Music Mania’s under and over-18s live feast finally began to engage a band-welcoming Saturday night Winchester crowd.

Pop-rich Tommy Puttick and his assistant pair entwined covers and originals to smooth Jack Johnson effect, before the clear Twang and Editors-influenced jangle of second band Wildfire rang throughout a well-rehearsed and cohesive unitary sound.

Before long, a candlelit second half saw female co-fronted Fist Of Francis open to an attentive congregation with a cover-rife flurry of aural energy.

Sirpico's piano-focussed tone took centre-stage next; front man Al delivering consistent vocal power over a generally funk-sodden backing, particularly during It Don't Matter To Me. Strong melodic grooves were on the cards as the band was joined by Si Genaro on harmonica, as well as receiving the evening’s only encore chant.

Eventually, Swansea's Ringolevio introduced a more Britpop feel, skating close to the Bluetones mark on several occasions, after late additions Aficionados had aired their own tempo-experimental structures.

Overall, a night-long schedule of sound encompassing myriad genres, ages and performances.