A COUPLE have told of how their toddler son plunged 30 feet on to a pavement after falling out of a window – and miraculously survived without a scratch.

Little Hassan Aljadid toppled out of the window after playing near to the low-level windowsill at the third-floor flat where he lives.

The 18-month-year old plummeted three storeys on to the concrete below and landed on his back.

Incredibly, the robust toddler was left totally unharmed by the terrifying drop and didn’t even suffer a single scratch.

Through family friend Aboubaker Sasi, Mrs Aljadid and her husband Osama said: “It’s amazing – he’s absolutely fine.

“There isn’t a single mark on him at all – we couldn’t believe it and can’t understand how it happened. It’s a miracle.”

Hassan’s Libyan family moved only recently into the flat in Charminster, Bournemouth.

He had been playing in the living room when the accident happened.

His mother Elham, 26, had been feeding Hassan’s seven-month-old sister, Njwan, on the other side of the room when he went behind the curtains.

Mrs Aljadid said she looked away for a moment as the curious toddler leant on the window, which stood just a foot off the floor.

By the time she noticed he was gone, Hassan was being looked after by horrified passers-by on the street outside.

He was rushed to Poole Hospital, where he was given X-rays and tests, but he was found to have no external or internal injuries.

Mr Sasi, 33, said: “He was with his mum in the living room.

“His mum was feeding her baby while he played on the floor.

“She could see his legs behind the curtains and knew he was safe, but she looked away and then he was gone.

“He’s totally fine now – it’s incredible. He’s our little superhero.”