A WEB designer says he was thrown off a bus and made late for a meeting after trying to pay for a £12 bus ticket with a £20 note.

Adam Goswell, 28, of Grove Road, East Cliff, Bournemouth, claims he was told he could not purchase the More Rider ticket when he boarded the M1 Wilts & Dorset bus outside Tesco Express at the Lansdowne in Bournemouth at around 10.55am on a weekday.

Following a heated exchange with the driver, Adam says he was ordered off the bus and had to catch another one to his office in Westbourne making him 20 minutes late for a meeting with a client.

Adam says he is in the process of building up his graphic and web design business and that it made him look “unprofessional”.

Adam said: “I got on a Wilts & Dorset bus to buy a £12 ticket for the week.

“The cash machine would only give me a £20 note and he blankly refused to take the money and I had no change.

“I said it was no problem and if I could stay on the bus until he got some change or go to the next stop and change buses but he refused both.”

Adam added: “This guy was just rude in front of the other passengers and told me to get off before he called the authorities.

“I think they should apologise and should make clear to their drivers what their policy actually is.”

Chris Harris from Wilts & Dorset said the matter had been investigated and the driver reinstructed in accordance with their internal procedures.

Drivers will give change to customers providing that they have it, added Mr Harris.

“We will be contacting Mr Goswell direct to offer our apologies,” he added.