A great-grandfather has been left housebound by thoughtless vandals who wrote off his Reliant three-wheeler – for the third time.

Tom Day, 87, of Rossmore in Poole, never passed a driving test after losing his hearing during the war when he served with the Royal Navy, but he was able to drive the Reliant on his motorcycle licence.

However, that ended in the early hours of Sunday, March 7.

He woke to find his car with the door ripped off, windows smashed and the steering column wrecked.

The car was also rippled on the side and top where it apparently had been rolled over.

He said: “I’ve got no transport at all now.

“I’ve got to rely on my daughter and granddaughter and that’s not fair on them.

“Reliants seem to be a magnet for it because they can be turned around and broken into no trouble at all.”

His other three-wheelers were also destroyed by vandals over the past 15 years – being turned onto their roofs more than once.

His family had searched long and hard to find replacement cars in the past but said they were now almost impossible to find.

Daughter Pat Geary said: “They think it’s fun.

“Maybe for them it is – but it’s not for anybody else.”

She added: “He’d go to see friends in it, or do a little bit of shopping. He can’t do anything now.”