A POOLE property developer has been revealed as the new owner of Long Island.

Dave Wyatt, owner of Wyatt Homes, was confirmed as the buyer of the 31-acre jewel in Poole Harbour by the Land Registry.

Sold for a price in the region of £3 million, Mr Wyatt fended off stiff competition, including some famous names, to complete the purchase.

Agents Stephen Noble Lane-Fox said the new owner intended keeping the island as a wildlife haven.

But though the island is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the involvement of a prominent developer is likely to raise questions as to what the future holds for the island.

Mr Wyatt has been unavailable for comment when contacted by the Daily Echo.

Though the public has no right to use the bulk of the island, a loophole could provide some hope.

The Crown Estate has confirmed it still owns the island’s foreshore – the area between the mean high and low water marks.

It means nature enthusiasts and pleasure boaters, many of whom have used the island for decades, could still use part of the beach area.

Rob Green, from Wareham, has landed his boat on the island for years and said he would carry on regardless.

“We appreciate the fact you can’t go on to the island as it is private, but I shall definitely be using part of the beach,” he said.

The island’s sale was held up by a rights of way application, as the public tried to have their presence legally recognised.

Dorset County Council rejected this bid last year, paving the way for the sale.