A FACEBOOK group protesting about new speed limits on Bournemouth’s Wessex Way has attracted 3,300 members in less than a week.

The 40mph stretch between the County Gates and St Paul’s roundabouts has attracted widespread criticism from drivers who claim the experimental limit is unnecessary.

Now they are planning to stage a protest in a bid to convince Bournemouth council to put the speed limit back up to 50mph.

Comments include: “The Wessex Way was far safer when it was, in general, a 70mph limit – all we get now is gridlock at busy times as people try to avoid it.”

Another said: “What a joke. I’m now finding people are going at 30mph just so they know for sure they won’t get snapped by the stupid camera.”

And a third said: “This is just another way of getting more tax by imposing ridiculous speed limits.”

The new limit will be evaluated after six months and the council hopes it will reduce the accident rate.

A total of 198 people were injured between 2004 and 2008.