AS you may have seen in the paper last week, our Flickr project, A Dorset Year, was a great success.

Two hundred photographers contributed more than 2,000 photos to the group (you can see them here and we had some incredible pictures.

The feedback from those who took part was almost entirely positive so we’re going to run the project again this year.

Since last year’s slipped out of the Dorset boundaries now again, I’ve called it An Echo Year for 2010.

The rules remain the same – three pictures per person per day and they have to have been taken this year.

Some things I’d like to do better this year include:

• More regular appearances in the paper

• Some in-person meets! Whether photography based or just a social affair, this year I’m going to try and meet as many Flickrers as possible in person!

• I’ve done my best to sort our favourites from last year into monthly galleries but the task was so massive I’m going to do it as I go along this year!

• sharing the knowledge: the plan being to ask the Flickerers behind the most popular photos to explain how they captured that shot.

• Monthly themed groups: Last year’s images were incredible, but tended to landscapes. I’m going to try and encourage a wider range of themes with a monthly group focusing on a particular idea or theme. (Let me know if you have any suggestions!) Anyway, 2010 has got off to a great start already, with some incredible pictures from the first few days.

Click here to see the images submitted so far.

Bournemouth Echo: New year, new start