The superyacht owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich uses navigation cameras manufactured by a Wareham firm.

Pelorus, the world’s fourteenth largest luxury yacht measuring just over 377ft, and costing around £250m, has been fitted with technology manufactured by Vector Developments Limited (VDL) at Anglebury Business Park, Sandford Lane.

Titanium encased Seenite thermal imaging, mast mounted cameras, each costing tens of thousands of pounds, have been installed on the Chelsea Football Club owner’s yacht.

Company spokeswoman Kerry O’Leary explained that “these cameras can be used for navigation if a vessel is heading into a harbour” enabling a pilot to zoom into where they want to go.

They provide images during the day and night, are capable of operating in the most extreme weather conditions and can provide navigation up to almost one mile ahead.

These devices, which are made in Weymouth, can also be used for security as well as recording images and video.

VDL’s other customers include five American movie stars and the company is currently completing an order for one of them.

Mrs O’Leary said that their superyachts typically have two Seenite cameras and 60 of the company’s Seamoon pan and tilt devices, which are small dome cameras often used for surveillance. It is not just the rich and famous who use the company’s technology though, because it has secured major contracts with the Ministry of Defence, which uses the Seamoon and Seenite systems on its military landing craft.

The police also use them on their patrol boats.

It takes 16 weeks to manufacture a Seenite camera and VDL is currently releasing 24 to customers.

“We work with each client and build a tailor-made system,” Mrs O’Leary said, adding: “We have seen an increase in business this year.

“We have got clients that we have worked with for a number of years who have bought one Seenite from us and are now on their second or third boat and either ask us to decommission it or order new cameras.”

VDL, which has 40 clients including heads of state, generates a turnover exceeding £2m.

The company, which has been trading for 14 years, employs 10 staff, and during 2009 has recruited two designers, who are now working on an anti-piracy device.