DORSET is soon going to be home to a more flexible mode of transport – the controversial bendy bus.

It will be introduced onto the Bournemouth University U1 Wilts and Dorset service in January and will be able to take far more passengers.

This is the first time a bendy bus – which have two large single decker sections joined with a flexible middle – will be in service in Dorset.

They have been used elsewhere in the country, including London, where they were not so popular.

Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to scrap the “much-loathed” buses, saying they were dangerous to cyclists and enabled fare evasion.

He said: “These writhing whales of the road have swung their hefty rear ends round our corners for the final time.”

But Chris Harris, public relations manager for Wilts and Dorset, said: “We are absolutely satisfied everything is safe and in order.

“We think it will be a useful addition to our services and will be welcomed by the students.”

The bendy bus will run between Bournemouth University’s Talbot campus, Cranborne House, Lansdowne and through to Pokesdown.

Wilts and Dorset say they have cleared the route and agreed everything with the university and council.

“We are going to get a bus down within the next ten days for further crew training so the drivers will be absolutely familiar with the vehicle.”

The bendy bus will come into service on January 11.

Mr Harris added: “It has been down here on a few trials but this will be the first time the public have been able to ride on one in Dorset.”