THE life and loves of children’s favourite Enid Blyton will be explored in a television drama.

The legendary author, who drew inspiration from a host of Purbeck landmarks for her Secret Seven and Famous Five books, spent more than 20 years visiting Dorset.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, who will play Ms Blyton, said: “I do hope I do her justice, she was a fascinating character.”

Blyton became hugely popular from the 1930s onwards.

In 1949 Little Noddy goes to Toyland was published, with the PC Plod character reputedly based on Christopher Rhone, the Studland police constable of that time.

Vivian Endicott, owner of The Ginger Pop Shop, Corfe Castle, and Poole’s Eileen Soper’s Illustrated World visitor centre, said: “She became an integral part in Purbeck life, swimming around the pier in Swanage with husband Kenneth before supper and signing books in the local bookshop.

“She even became president of the annual regatta and carnival.

“As a brand she is still tremendously successful.”

Swanage and Purbeck Hospitality Association vice chairman Julian Maughan says he’s delighted Purbeck will gain recognition for inspiring Ms Blyton.

He added: “Enid Blyton is probably one of the UK’s most successful children’s authors of all time.

Bournemouth Echo: Enid Blyton’s story to be told in drama

See Corfe Castle - that's Kirrin Castle to Famous Five fans - in pictures. Click the image for more...

“We occasionally have visitors who are aware of the connection but in the main most people are unaware of this strong connection in the region.

“There has been an increase in visitor numbers this year and we feel that many are looking for traditional British holidays capturing the feel of bygone times that are so wonderfully depicted in the stories of Enid Blyton.”

The BBC4 drama Enid will be shown at 9pm on November 16.