THE film Dead Man Running, starring 50 Cent, Danny Dyer and Oscar winner Brenda Blethyn, was due to open on Friday, October 30.

And one man who will be particularly pleased to see his name up on the big screen is personal trainer Kris Cann, who lives in Bournemouth.

Kris was responsible for getting leading man, Hollywood and UK actor Tamer Hassan, in shape for the biggest role of his career.

In the film Hassan plays ex-prizefighter and reformed ex-con Nick Cane on the run from notorious gangster and loan shark Mr Thigo, played by rapper 50 Cent.

Already struggling financially, Nick is given exactly 24 hours to come up with the money left on his bill or he is literally a dead man running.

Kris had a bit of a deadline to meet, too. He had just six weeks to transform the actor’s body into something honed, toned, and looking the part for the fight scenes.

“Usually it takes 12 weeks to achieve such a big transformation, so I really had my work cut out for me,” said Kris, 32.

“Luckily Tam is an ex-boxer so needed no introduction to rigorous training. He didn’t expect what I had lined up for him though!

“With so little time and having to get him into the shape of his life, I had to come up with some of the hardest programmes I've ever written.

“Tamer knew there were no hiding places. He was a bit shocked at first at how hard training was but he got stuck in.”

With a combination of boxing, dog-leg runs, spin bikes, and circuit training, Kris soon got the actor into shape.

But Kris felt the strain, too, commuting regularly to London, sometimes for four-day training sessions.

Then after all the hard work, it was time to get filming. All the fight scenes were shot in one day at London’s Millennium Mills, and Kris was there for warm-ups between takes.

“Being there first-hand, I can tell you that the movie industry is anything but glamorous!”

The film was shot over five weeks, in a different location every day. “By the end of it, Tamer was absolutely shattered. He told me afterwards that he couldn’t have got through it all if I hadn’t got him so fit!”

Indeed, the actor said at the time: “I have always kind of trained all my life but I’ve never done anything as intense as what I am doing now.”

Luckily, Tamer was an easy client, with a natural talent for making people laugh, and Kris enjoyed training him immensely.

Kris also liked being fimed training Tamer for two upcoming TV pilots.

The Bournemouth pro kickboxer was introduced to the actor by their mutual friend Mark Redknapp, son of ex-Cherries boss Harry. “Tamer’s son was having trials at Portsmouth, and we all went out together one night,” explained Kris. “We got chatting and things developed from there.

“All the crew on the film were friendly.”

Another highlight for Kris was attending the recent premiere of Dead Man Running in London, where celebs included Mel B, Louis Walsh and football stars Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole who produced it.

“I’ve had a fantastic time,” said Kris. “I saw the results of my training on a Hollywood actor, and it isn’t every day you follow 50 Cent down the red carpet!”