LEILA Sabra will come a step closer to being reunited with her missing daughter today when the embassy issues an order for the state police to find the toddler.

A’ishah, two, went missing in May while on holiday with Leila (pictured) and her Bournemouth grandmother Barbara Maas in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada.

Leila claims A’ishah was taken by her father Saber Mesbah Sabra, but he insists he played no part in her disappearance and doesn’t know where she is.

Leila returned to Egypt at the beginning of last month to find A’ishah and has had meetings with the Egyptian authorities.

She said: “I am going to the court tomorrow to hopefully pick up a notice that enforces A’ishah to be with me.

“It will be handed into the embassy and they will order the state police to start looking for A’ishah straight away.

“I am hopeful.

“This is what we have been working towards all this time.

“I just feel like I have had so many promises I am frightened to get my hopes up.

“But I have to have faith in the system.”