HUNDREDS of motorists have received warnings after being caught on camera driving through King’s Park in Boscombe during bridge repair works on Ashley Road.

While the two-month scheme is under way the park has been opened to single-decker buses but all other traffic is still banned.

Bournemouth council’s cabinet member for environment and transport Cllr Robert Lawton confirmed yesterday that since October 19, the day the Ashley Road scheme got under way, 225 warning letters have been issued.

He added: “However we will shortly be issuing penalty charge notices to those drivers caught using the park during the bridge closure.”

Boscombe traders’ association chairman Steve Kent accused the council of “cashing in” on confused motorists struggling to find their way around.

None of the motorists the Daily Echo spoke to yesterday had noticed the “bus and cycle only” signs at the Gloucester Road entrance to the park or two camera warning signs.

One shocked woman said: “I am trying to avoid Ashley Road and would have driven straight through. I’ve never been on this road before and didn’t see any signs.”

A man from London turned round in the nick of time.

He said: “I don’t know the area, the signs aren’t clear enough.”

Lorry driver Roger Newell from Basildon said: “I didn’t see the signs until I was nearly on top of the bus lane.

“I was trying to steer clear of Ashley Road.”

But local resident Beverly Balasco was caught on camera twice after following other cars through the park and turned round.

She said: “I didn’t spot the signs or cameras.”

Cllr Lawton added: “In a bid to maintain access to Boscombe we have implemented a number of diversions and schemes.

“When making decisions which affect the land falling within the Five Parks Trust the council must do so as a trustee.

“Unfortunately this means that we are not allowed to open the park up to any vehicles other than single decked buses.

“Officers will reinforce the restriction and provide advice.

“We have installed clear signage and markings to indicate that King’s Park is not open to motorists.”