A little of what you fancy, does you good, they say.

And one subscriber to the adage is 100-year-old Fran Reader – a lady who attributes her longevity to a daily glass of her favourite tipple.

Mrs Reader is a lover of Bailey’s Irish Cream and living proof that taking everything in moderation is a sensible approach to life’s challenges.

Born in London, the great-grandmother and her husband, Frank, came to Ferndown from Surrey in 2000 before moving to West Moors two years later to be closer to family.

A year later the couple moved to The Laurels care home in Three Legged Cross where they celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in 2003.

Mrs Reader has remained at the home after her husband’s death in 2004 and is close to her daughter, Shirley, son-in-law, Albert, grand-children, Susan and Peter, and great-grandchildren, Jack and John.