POLICE are appealing for witnesses to a dog attack that was so ferocious it took two men to separate the animals.

The incident happened in Slades Farm Road, Bournemouth, and is thought to have involved a labrador and another dog, described as a bull mastiff or Staffordshire bull cross.

Witnesses have reported seeing the second dog attack the Labrador and said it took two men to pull it away.

Both the Labrador owner and his friend were bitten by the dog and one had a puncture mark to his thumb, which was dislocated.

Two women who were walking the bull mastiff at the time are alleged to have left the area and were last seen going into the top woods near to St Mark’s School. Their dog was not on a lead.

The owners of the Labrador took it to the vet for treatment that evening.

It underwent an operation the following day.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “There is no information as to who owns the other dog. The Labrador owner has made enquiries with other local dog owners and the Safer Neighbourhood Team was contacted.”

He added that the Labrador’s owner was considering making a civil complaint under the Dangerous Dogs Act once the owner of the other dog had been identified.

News of the attack, which happened just before 5pm on September 10, has been spreading around the north Bournemouth area.

Beverley Rooker, who owns a 13-year-old golden retriever and lives in Sandringham Gardens, said: “Everyone is talking about it.

“A lot of people are worried in case they run into that dog again.”

Any witnesses are asked to call Dorset Police on 01202 222222.