BEDRAGGLED back alleys, amassed sweaty club-goers, and heart-interfering bass - each one a feasibly attributable trait to sardonic rap act Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s distinctly urban air.

Now take Wales’ ironic answer to Blazin’ Squad, mix in a temporary affiliation with tuxedos and punch bowls, allow to stand for 40-minutes, and serve to a music-hungry crowd of mature Prom-enthusiasts for one night only.

Strangely enough this is not a heavily adapted extract from Jamie Oliver’s latest recipe book, but instead the business plan of one local resident set to become a reality next Saturday.

Taking the form of Summer Ball 2009, organisers Senior Prom will grace the BIC with a party, ball, gig, festival and amazing time all in one lavish package, with the Valley-bred chart-ticklers topping the bill for the event’s second year.

But this won’t be a southern first for one GLC member. Rapper Mystikal spent a good few years around the town in all-manner of dwellings, while racking up a host of fond memories in the process.

“I spent a lot of time in Bournemouth with good mates for two summers, then did a Media Production course at the Uni for three years,” says Myst.

“It’s a lovely place – you can make it anything you want it to be. I had a great time and always do when I come back”.

In his Bournemouth-spent years, Mystikal, also dubbed The Alchemist by his Welsh band mates, accrued a mental catalogue of drunken incidents, wreck head evenings and general small-hour societal defiance which he recalls impeccably.

“There were so many memorable occasions, particularly on the rooftops of some of the flats listening to Guns N’ Roses, sipping beers, munching on barbecued burgers and watching the fireworks.

“Westover Road was wicked due to it being in the middle of town; we used to watch fights breaking out by the taxi queues across the road!”

But it wasn’t always so tame, as the bearded hip-hopper explains: “I used to work in a chip shop where one of my numerous initiations involved immersing my hand in a deep fat fryer and pulling it out fully-coated in crispy batter.

“Being something of a nocturnal creature, I’d also enjoy a little dawn-break skateboarding in the gardens.

“You can get some lovely speed up down the long paths and verges with no one around to have a go at you...

“I once went with my mate Big G, stacked it on a corner and smashed my head open. Plenty of blood, although we had a good laugh about it when I got back from A&E.”

“Then there was the time 20 of us crammed into a seatless rented mini van, bolting down pitch-black country lanes to the legendary Manor nightclub, home to many life-changing adventures and madcap experiences. Think they converted it into a load of fancy apartments which is a real shame.

I like to imagine the people who live there are kept up at night with the tinkly strains of Josh Wink’s Higher State of Consciousness pumping through their bedrooms.”

Despite having seen ample local and national bands adorn Bournemouth’s venues, the GLC itself occured through a number of chance encounters which some suspect were engineered by higher forces.

“It’s a great laugh with your mates on the road tearing it up day after day and then passing out late at night.

We couldn't believe Maggot’s Big Brother stint either. We’d all watch it late at night and he’d often turn and wave at the camera wishing Mike Balls goodnight.

“Music-wise though, the most surreal sight has to have been that of the marching Spiderman Brass Band, each one dressed in full costume with someone at the back walking a giant spider on a lead.

“Big respect to anyone who plays a musical instrument while resembling a superhero.”

This year’s Summer Ball promises a full spectrum of entertainment with live music from selected local acts performing alongside X Factor sensation Diana Vickers and Nancy Sinatra-sampling electro duo Audio Bullys, while the event's Bucking Bronco, tarot card reader and indoor laser clay pigeon shooting cater for everyone else.

Expect all night long, first-class amusement, something our home-grown Mystikal is all too familiar with: “I went to loads of summer/ christmas/just-out-of-prison balls during my time and it's nice to finally play the BIC too. It should be a posh affair with people behaving appropriately...”

  • Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s new single Everybody Is A DJ is out on September 28, before their Office Party Tour sets out in December.