THE torching of a third speed camera within two weeks has been condemned as a danger to motorists.

The latest incident happened at Magna Road, Bearwood, in the early hours of Thursday.

Firefighters from Redhill Park fire station in Bournemouth put out the blaze within about 10 minutes, but the camera was completely destroyed.

A camera was vandalised in the same way at Horton Road near Three Legged Cross at 3.55am on Saturday August 8 and another a week later in Ringwood Road, Verwood.

Police are investigating the spate of attacks and Dorset Safety Camera Partnership has slammed those behind the crimes.

After the second incident, Johnny Stephens, head of fixed penalties for the organisation, said: “Vandalism of safety cameras is wholly irresponsible behaviour that could endanger people’s lives.

“There is vast evidence to show that motorists who speed increase their risk of being involved in a collision and pose a real risk to other road users.”

Bournemouth councillor Rob Lawton, cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “We believe the cameras are a safety tool. I know people are disappointed when they have been caught speeding, but there’s no need for them to go and destroy the camera.

“Although people may applaud somebody destroying one, they’re not cheap and it does eventually come out of ratepayers’ money. People shouldn’t be speeding in the first place. The cameras are there for the safety of everybody.”