A DISABLED pensioner, who walks with a stick, has been threatened with “antisocial behaviour action” – for allegedly slamming a door.

Arthritic Edward Harris, 76, has been accused by Bournemouth council of slamming doors at 5am every day and disturbing other residents.

But the retired bank worker claims he never gets up before 7am. He said: “Why would I want to go out at 5 am? Because of my condition it takes me about an hour to get washed and dressed so I’d need to get up at 4 o’clock.”

Mr Harris was among 13 residents at Castle Dene Court on Jewell Road, Townsend, who received letters from Georgina Singleton, the council’s sheltered housing manager in May.

She said: “I have received several complaints of door slamming in the early hours of the morning and at night; this appears to be residents’ front doors and the internal communal doors.

“Could I please ask all residents to be more considerate and respect your neighbours, especially if you have a need to leave your property at an unsocial hour.”

Mrs Singleton warned: “If this nuisance does not stop, I will be forced to take antisocial behaviour action against the identified perpetrator.”

Mr Harris said: “We’re all over 60. One resident is an 88-year-old woman who uses a Zimmer frame. She was really upset by the letter.”

On July 29 Mrs Singleton sent a second letter which only went to Mr Harris entitled “Banging of doors”.

The correspondence read: “It has been reported to me that you are leaving your flat and the building at approximately 5am each morning and banging doors which is causing a disturbance to several of your neighbours.

“Could I please ask you to exercise some consideration if you are leaving or entering the building at that time of day.”

Mr Harris said: “This time I’ve been singled out. If they give me an Asbo I’ll have a criminal record; apart from a speeding ticket I’ve never been in trouble before.

“They are treating me like some teenage thug who terrorises their community. I tried to speak to Mrs Singleton on the phone. When, in my frustration, I used an expletive, she hung up on me. Now I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see what will happen next.”

Andrew Hookings, the council’s sheltered housing manager, said: “We received complaints earlier this year regarding door slamming and noise disturbance in the early morning.

“We wrote to 13 residents in an attempt to establish the person responsible and to inform them that once identified we would take the necessary action to prevent any further antisocial behaviour.

“We were subsequently advised by a neighbour that a particular individual was responsible for the noise as he was leaving his home at around 5am to check on his car.

“As a result we wrote to ask him to exercise consideration to his neighbours. This resident has disputed the claim and we will be looking into this matter further.”