Assuming centre stage, Yorkshire’s very own Minor boys emerged from the converted church’s rear balcony before launching into second single Jessica and an extended version of Running Away.

It was a case of in with both the old and the new as the York-born fivesome worked their way through last year’s eponymous debut CD with Time After Time, The Broken Minor and crowd favourite Parallel Words while interspersing material from their imminent new album. New tracks included The Courtroom, the haunting I Believe and forthcoming single Solaris whose release has been postponed due to the band’s bold shift from industry majors Warner Bros to self-run indie label Repossession.

While not the most visual of spectacles, the northern quintet had an arguable aural charm exhibiting tight vocal harmonies throughout as well as an Eddie Van Halen-style interlude leading into The White One Is Evil.

Proving their ability to captivate at all levels, co-frontmen Ed Minton and Alex Davies offered a stripped-down acoustic rendition of Last Call To New York evoking evident audience participation, while top-20 hit Still Figuring Out brought proceedings to a close.