HAVE you seen Charlie the macaw?

He flew away from his home in Acton, near Swanage, at the start of June and has not come back.

Owner Lynne O’Reilly is appealing to locals to keep an eye out.

She said: “He un-picked his water dish lock on his cage whilst I was changing the water in just 30 seconds.

“He knows his name, says ‘Hello’, ‘Bye Bye’, especially when you walk away from him, and repeatedly mimics ‘No biting, No, naughty boy, no biting’.”

Lynne had only had the bird for three weeks before he disappeared.

She added: “If he is spotted in a garden and on the ground, it would be advisable to throw a blanket over him to capture him.

“He makes a large squawk when not happy, but if that is what it takes to catch him, so be it.”

A reward is on offer for his safe return. Call Lynne on 01929 439159.