A SLICE of Beatles history will go under the hammer in Bournemouth tomorrow when a balustrade from John Lennon’s aunt’s house is sold at auction.

The white wrought iron railings once adorned the balcony at Harbour’s Edge on Sandbanks, the bungalow Lennon bought for his beloved aunt Mimi at the height of Beatlemania in the 1960s.

According to a newspaper cutting, which accompanies the lot, they were commissioned specially by the Beatle to show how much he loved her.

The clipping, from the letters page of the Daily Mail, is signed by a Rosalin McCulloch, of East Stour, who claims she bought the railings while living on Brownsea Island from 1991 to 1995.

It reads: “He decided to create a balcony for her to sit on and watch the boats go by. A wrought iron balustrade of seven hearts was commissioned to show how much he loved her.

“I bought these hearts when the bungalow was demolished and transported them to Brownsea.”

The ornate hearts, which have changed hands again since then, will be sold by House and Sons Auctioneers at the Lansdowne salesroom on Wednesday.

They are available for viewing the day before.

David Brasher, of the auctioneer, said: “We have already had quite a lot of international interest – people on the phone from the United States for example.

“Because they are such an unusual thing I don’t think I can be drawn on what they will make – either very little or quite a lot. All it takes is a couple of fanatical memorabilia buyers. You don’t know what can happen.”

Harbour’s Edge, bought a sanctuary for Mimi from the attentions of fans in Liverpool, was also an escape for Lennon on his many visits before his death in 1980.

Mimi Smith passed away in 1991 and the house was razed in 1994.