Review: Red Battle Bournemouth Final, Mr Kyps, Ashley Cross

THE local final of this nationwide band contest took place on Thursday at a comfortably attended Kyps.

The evening’s commencement came courtesy of alternative outfit Oscar’s Trash Can, whose opening slot paved the aural way for an eccentric, melodica-employing PSM.

Funeral For a Friend’s take on lumberjacking hit the stage next in the form of Giocanda Smile who, complete with checked shirts and mohawk-sporting bassist, gave a tunefully heavy set.

Elements of The Style Council and a fashionable Wombats then manifested as fourth act Better Dressed Than Adam. A cheeky, quirky sound with a stage presence to match rendered these guys the highlight.

Feeder-does-grunge threesome The Deltorers (overall winners) and female-fronted guitar harmonisers Last Call For a Saviour exhibited varied performances, while the show’s close was left to screamo quintets Last Summers Day and Arcane.

Adam Scholey