YOU’VE heard of Superman and Spider-Man – now meet Cleaning Man.

Luke Rayner, of Bournemouth, got fed up passing dirty road signs, and decided to do something about it.

Luke, who runs The Best Car Valeting Company in the World and The Best Window Cleaning Company in the World, took a window cleaning kit to a variety of signs.

Luke, 20, said: “Some of these signs are important signs like stop signs.

“They are spending all that money on the surf reef – this is where they are not spending money.”

But the three councils who look after the signs said they would act if there were complaints and Bournemouth council said the cash for cleaning road signs is a separate pocket of money to the reef cash.

Reg Hutton, head of operations in technical services at Bournemouth Borough Council, said road signs requiring cleaning or maintenance are programmed into the work schedule.

Dorset County Council said: “The signs on salting routes are cleaned annually in the spring.

“All other signs are cleaned on an ad-hoc basis as identified by inspections and parish maintenance units.”

Steve Dean, principal engineer at Borough of Poole, said roads were routinely inspected and signs were cleaned as and when required.