A slick, sleek, sexy, sassy super show - you could tell the Pussycat Dolls were in town on Sunday night.

The five-piece girl group wowed their adoring fans with all the hits and the skimpiest outfits at the BIC.

The glitter, glitz and glamour were on full display as the top US pop/dance group gave it their all for nearly two hours.

With steps leading to a raised platform, a large screen pumping out images, synchronised lighting, top choreography, sparkling costumes, pyrotechnics and jets of flame, the Pussycat Dolls were in fine form from start to finish.

Top tunes such as Buttons, Stickwitu, I Hate This Part, Beep, I Don't Need A Man, Wait A Minute and Whatcha Think About That had the crowd screaming for more.

Nicole Scherzinger - the girlfriend of F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton - may have taken centre stage for most of the songs.

But Ashley, Jessica, Melody and Kimberly all proved they too had star quality.

Each of them had solo spots to showcase their talents.

A sea of phone cameras greeted the girls as they arrived on stationary motorbikes in sparkling silver and red outfits and boots.

And after several changes of costume, gave us a change of pace with a splendid version of Shirley Bassey's Hey Big Spender.

The deserved encore proved to be a feast for the senses as the girls went into overdrive with rousing renditions of When I Grow Up and top seller Don't Cha.

Doll domination- you'd better believe it.

Support act Lady GaGa got the crowd going with a fine 30-minute set.

Included in her bass-pumping collection was the current UK number one Just Dance.

Surely big things are just around the corner for the blonde 22-year-old New Yorker, who has been referred to as the new Madonna.