AT 10.21am yesterday, businessman Richard Carr was made personally bankrupt.

The 49-year-old developer and nightclub owner from Sandbanks was in Bournemouth County Court to hear the decision after a 10-minute hearing.

Poole businessman Lee Jackson, who said he is owed £475,000 over a nightclub deal, brought the bankruptcy petition.

“This is not a personal vendetta,” said Mr Jackson, the former owner of Jimmy’s in Bournemouth.

“I don’t get any satisfaction out of doing it. I just want my money back.”

Several other claimants have come forward since the petition was lodged, said Mr Jackson.

Mr Carr could not be contacted for comment yesterday.

He had previously told the Daily Echo that he was considering making himself bankrupt, saying personal guarantees to banks approaching £10m left him with no choice.

Mr Jackson, who used to own the Poole-based IT company Deverill, told the Daily Echo that the hearing only took 10 minutes and went uncontested by Mr Carr.

He said: “We just said ‘Hello’. We try and be as civil as possible.”

Mr Carr’s nightclub business, Future 3000, went into administration in July and eight venues were put up for sale.

Five of them – Bliss, Toko, Crank, Mint and Dundee’s – have been sold to Yellowhammer Bars.

His development company Ravine Lifestyle went into administration days later.

The company had eight prestigious development sites in Poole.

Mr Jackson said he sold Jimmy’s nightclub in Bournemouth to Mr Carr in January 2007 for £700,000 but Mr Carr did not have enough money to pay for it outright.

He said he made an agreement with Mr Carr’s company, Future 3000, with a personal guarantee from Mr Carr, that the full amount would be paid.

But after payments stopped in May he issued the bankruptcy notice “around six to eight weeks ago”.