A BOURNEMOUTH nursery has been praised by inspectors for its “kind and caring” staff. 

Ofsted have rated Carmela Coady Childcare, in Shelley Road, Boscombe, as ‘good’ following an inspection. 

In the nursery’s first inspection since opening, inspectors praised the behaviour of the 92 children on the roll as being “good and appropriate for their age”. 

The report, published earlier this month after an inspection in September, said: “Children arrive at this welcoming nursery happy and keen to be with their friends.  

“They develop confidence and learn to listen and follow instructions.  

“Kind and caring staff greet them on arrival and quickly comfort children when they need reassurance. 

“Staff use this time to communicate with parents to find out detailed information about their children and to support families.” 

It added children develop “positive relationships” with staff at the nursery, noting staff will sit alongside pupils when the play to help them feel “valued as individuals”. 

“Staff implement daily routines for children to follow, helping them to feel safe and secure,” the report added. 

“For example, children line up when it is time to go outside to play. They know to walk straight through a courtyard to access the outdoor area."

Staff provide a calm, nurturing environment. Children are keen to explore and investigate the resources and activities staff offer them. They excitedly engage in activities staff plan for them.  

“For instance, staff follow older children's interests in musical instruments. They encourage children to use shakers in time to the nursery rhymes they sing.  

“Management has put in place a coherent curriculum that builds on what children need to know next. The curriculum is ambitious for all children.” 

Inspectors also praised management as being “dedicated leaders”. 

It adds parents will be given regular and detailed updates about their child’s day at the nursery and they believe management “listens and takes action” when they make suggestions.