A WOMAN pushed a man away several times as he followed her around a club before he allegedly raped her on a Bournemouth clifftop, a court heard.

She was seen pushing Ahmed Almyram away from her seven times in CCTV footage from Camel Bar as he persistently tried to touch her.

The defendant is accused of biting the woman's lips and face as he assaulted her.

Prosecutor, Rob Welling asked Almyram as he stood in the witness box at Bournemouth Crown Court: “How many times does a woman have to push you away before you respect her wishes?”

Giving evidence through an interpreter, Almyram, 31, said there was no pushing and they had been joking together.

Mr Welling argued that the defendant used four tactics to ignore the woman’s wishes: Grabbing her, kissing her, putting his arms around her or just ignoring her.

Almyram was seen in CCTV footage on July 6, ‘observing’ the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, for over five minutes where he saw her being ‘friends’ with everyone.

The defendant introduced himself to the woman and put his arm around her.

When asked if he would put his arm on a woman if she had a male with her, he said no.

Mr Welling argues that Almyram must have known she was alone if he chose to do that, saying he had spoken to her for ‘literal seconds’.

The defendant said the pair went to the smoking area where they agreed to return to the bar to drink and dance together.

However, footage played to the court shows the woman having no interaction with Alyram whilst outside other than a short conversation.

He can be seen putting his arms around her neck, and Mr Welling states she pushed him off her.

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Another clip of CCTV shows the woman and the defendant returning to the club separately, with Almyram dancing on his own and the woman interacting with other men.

Mr Welling said: “She is dancing with other people and she is not dancing with you, she is ignoring you.

“She is now interacting with other males.

“I suggest when you said you had an agreement to drink and dance that was untrue because you were trying to give the jury the impression she wanted to be with you.”

The prosecutor adds that Almyram is seen ‘hovering’ and waiting for an opportunity.

The pair are seen dancing together, and the defendant said he ‘accidentally’ touched her bottom, prompting her to tell him ‘no’.

Mr Welling said the woman pushed his hand away when he grabbed her and kissed her head.

He added that Almyram ‘sniffed’ the woman’s hair and ‘followed’ her after she walked away.

She can be seen pushing the defendant, with Mr Welling commenting; “you thought that push meant nothing?”

Almyram responded that it was normal and not a push, saying the pair were dancing.

Mr Welling said the woman attempted to push him away seven times in total, saying he was being ‘a pest’ and ‘ignored her wishes’.

Almyram, who was living at the Britannia Hotel, denies one charge of rape and the trial continues.