A JURY has been shown CCTV of the hours before an alleged clifftop rape in Bournemouth.

Ahmed Almyram is alleged to have bit the woman on her lips and face after she climbed over a clifftop fence to escape him, but he says the woman asked him for sex after trying to take her own life.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she spent two hours in Camel Bar, Old Christchurch Road, trying to rebuff the defendant’s advances, before he followed her when she left.

Giving evidence through an interpreter, Almyram, 31, told Bournemouth Crown Court that he danced and drank with the woman after they met in the bar.

CCTV footage from inside Camel Bar on July 6 showed the pair dancing and Almyram putting his arm around the woman.

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The defendant was seen leaving the club at 4.42am and crossed the road to speak with friends.

Almyram said he returned to the club to get his jacket and when he emerged, he found the woman waiting for him, saying that she wanted pizza.

The pair were seen walking along Holdenhurst Road searching for food and then towards Meyrick Road and Bournemouth and Poole College.

They then sat on a grassy bank at the college, where Almyram said the woman wanted ‘sexual relations’, by pulling him towards her.

He said he did not have any intention of sex and just wanted to kiss and cuddle.

The pair then walk towards the clifftop towards the sea, when the woman ‘suddenly’ jumped over the clifftop fence.

Almyram said when he tried to get her to the other side, she ‘resisted’ him but he asked a member of the public for help and they were able to get her to safety.

He said the woman refused to go with the passer-by, so he sat with her and tried to calm her down.

While stroking her hair and touching her back, Almyram said the woman ‘suddenly’ asked for sex and began taking her clothes off.

He said he attempted to cover her and thought her request was strange as a few minutes before she had been trying to take her own life on the clifftop.

Almyram, who was living at the Britannia Hotel, denies one charge of rape and the trial continues.