I READ Nigel Hedges letter with utter disbelief (November 7).

The issue of said planter has been raised many times with his former Conservative colleagues.

To be politically balanced the Conservatives lost control in May this year, it is time the new administration showed what a difference it can make.

G E Bridge and Co Ltd Mobility Shop – serving Bournemouth for over 140 years has invested in replacing paving outside the front and a solid gate to alleyway to stop antisocial behaviour.

Approximately five years ago anti social behaviour meeting at the library, I and other retailers raised our concerns over criminal activity – there was not one MP or councillor of any political persuasion in attendance.

It has been great to see since May this year a coordinated effort to deal with the anti social /criminal behaviour and we do seem to be at last turning a corner.

Mike Carlile Branch manager

GE Bridge and Co Ltd, Bournemouth