A BUSINESSMAN wished his company's directors a 'painful death' and threatened to sleep with their daughters after they tried to blackmail him, a court heard. 

Nicholas Dimmock, founder of 350 PPM Ltd, told Michael John Potter and John Price that he would ‘happily die for his company’s ideals’, as he hurled abuse at the men. 

Dimmock referred to the pair as a 'disease' and insistently asked for their daughters' phone numbers so he could sleep with them. 

Potter and Price, both 62, were found guilty of blackmail earlier this year after they demanded pay rises and bonuses to leave the company. 

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that 350 PPM Ltd brokers deals for environmental schemes by matching projects with investors.

During a sentencing hearing on November 10, it was said that Potter and Price were hired at the end of 2019 after a company director died the year before.

Dimmock told them he had previously been in trouble with the Financial Conduct Authority and remained anxious about it.

Following disagreements, Dimmock tried to fire the pair, however, did not have the power to do so.

The court heard the directors would have to agree to leave or go through a legal process.

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Relationships continued to sour and on July 29, 2020, Potter and Price made financial demands during an online board meeting.

The pair threatened to refer Dimmock to the regulatory authorities if he did not fulfil the demands.

Prosecuting, David Jenkins, said the defendant then sent a series of abusive emails, calling the men ‘a disease’, threatening to sleep with their daughters and insulting their wives.

The messages included: “I am going to destroy you.

“I hope you’re ready for the headshot.

“Wishing you a slow and painful death.

“I will happily die for my company’s ideals.”

Mitigating, Felicia Davey said that the 52-year-old is ‘very sorry’ for his actions and is remorseful.

“He thought his company would be taken away from him and thought the complainants would get access to the bank accounts.”

She added: “He felt his company was being dismantled in front of him and in reduced mental health he expressed this poorly.”

Dimmock pleaded guilty to two counts of sending malicious communications.

Judge William Mousley KC said: “They were malicious and very frightening messages that you sent.

“You did not just abuse them and use various profanities, you also referred to their families.

“You were persistent in getting their daughters' phone numbers.

“You acted in an unprofessional and pathetic manner.”

Dimmock was sentenced to 39 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years along with 240 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Mousley added that Potter and Price have since left the company for ‘small but not insignificant sums of money’.

In May, they were both jailed for 12 months for blackmail but had their sentences suspended for two years.

They were ordered to each do 240 hours of unpaid work.