WHILE I do understand the anxiety we all feel about climate change and the need to find sustainable solutions, I’m afraid I cannot agree with the protesters.

I would like them to look at themselves and consider the following – their clothing.

I would hazard a guess that they are wearing fabrics which are mostly synthetic and derivatives of the oil industry – T-shirts, underwear, trousers, trainers, jackets etc.

They should be wearing cotton, wool or leather which are natural fibres.

Their mobile phones/iPads etc are made from plastics also a derivative of the oil industry.

They must travel to the protest meeting point by car, van or bus using fuel also from the oil industry.

Electric vehicles? Perhaps someone would tell me how the lithium for the batteries is mined?

Mostly by poorly paid human beings (maybe even children) in third world countries who couldn’t care less about human rights.

Can someone tell me how these huge batteries, solar panels, and wind farm sails are recycled?

If we really do want to make a difference, we need to begin in our personal lives before we blame the industries/politicians.

‘People in glass houses’.


Erpingham Road, Poole