A school in Dorset has featured in a documentary recognising its work with young carers. 

The Blandford School recently featured in a TV documentary on ITN’s Tonight Show to recognise its work in raising the profile of young carers and shed light on its collaborative approach with MYTIME to student support.

The school has joined forces with the charitable organisation to provide a nurturing educational space to ensure children who must care for people at home receive the necessary support and opportunities. 

The charity is dedicated to championing the rights of young carers and provide support for young people between the ages of five and 25, as they often face challenges that are hidden and misunderstood.

Sally Wilson, headteacher of The Blandford School, said: “We are extremely pleased ITN and MYTIME approached us to be involved in the programme, and delighted the extraordinary work of our young carers is being recognised. 

 “Our partnership with MYTIME is pivotal and I believe their nationwide campaign to raise the profile of young carers will have lasting impact.  

“The day ITN were in school was enormous fun, it was great to see ‘behind the scenes’ in terms of how a documentary is made and wonderful for our work to be recognised as a model of good practice.” 

In 2021, the school was aware of only three or four students with significant caregiving responsibilities, however, after working with MYTIME and conducting a more detailed school survey, they have now identified 40 children who bear substantial caring duties, which works out at four per cent  of the total student population.  

PE teacher Dan Johnson has now been appointed as a champion for the young carers.  

Mr Johnson is supported by a voluntary group of staff, and provides a range of activities including one-on-one sessions, special assemblies, group sessions, and outings.  

Rhianna, a young carer in year 10, who was interviewed as part of the documentary said: “I really enjoyed the experience. I think it's important that young carers get the recognition and support they deserve because it's not always easy.  

“I'm glad that I was able to spread the message about young carers so maybe more can be identified.

“It was exciting to work with ITN and be part of a real TV programme. MYTIME have been really supportive and I'm really glad that the school and MYTIME are working so well together to support me and others.”