A CAR auction house has been bought out by a man who first began working at the business at the age of just 15 as a trainee.

Darren Loveys has worked at South Western Vehicle Auctions (SWVA), based in Poole, for 38 years, having started on a youth training programme.

He has now completed a management buyout of the business and is the sole owner of the auction house.

With Darren as managing director, the business has ‘experienced significant growth and success'.

There are now ‘exciting plans’ under way including a move to a new site in Holton Heath in the new year.

It is said this relocation will provide ‘enhanced facilities and opportunities for both buyers and sellers.’

Darren said: “I have a great legacy to build on and feel that now is the time for us to move into the new generation of SWVA.

“Our upcoming move to new premises and rebrand shows our commitment to providing an even better experience for our customers and further expanding our reach in the industry.”

The family-run auction was founded in 1971 and has become a 'trusted name in the industry'.

It holds two car auctions per week, as well as commercial auctions twice a month and classic auctions four times a year.

The business will be launching a new website in 2024, which will make it easier to find and bid for vehicles, with detailed catalogues of fleet, part exchange, surplus retail and classic vehicles.

Darren added: “We have a great team here at SWVA who are all keen to help drive us forward. We enjoy a reputation for our customer service, and we are always available to assist and advise both newcomers and auction regulars alike.”

For more information on the business and its upcoming auctions, visit the company website.