WITH the Christmas festivities looming, I want to ask all those coming from parties or nightclubs after having a few drinks to be vigilant about their lift home.

If you book a taxi to take you home, look for a plate on the back of the vehicle, even take a photo of it, look for any other identification inside the car, check there is a meter and ask the driver what name they are picking up rather than giving your name.

Parents need to give advise to their offspring and explain how important it is that they are aware that the car they are getting into is a valid licensed vehicle with a fully licensed driver.

Keeping all this in mind will ensure you get home safely and have a happy Christmas time.

If you pick a taxi up from a rank (Hackney) or flag a taxi down (Hackney) again check the back of the vehicle for a plate with a number on it.

You can not flag down a private hire as they can only do booked radio jobs, but you can flag down a Hackney Cab which will have a sign on top.

Most vehicles will also have the name of the company they work on along the door.

We need to protect everyone especially youngsters and especially when they have had a few drinks.

Stephanie Vincent

Tytherley Green,