THIS Tuesday evening saw a large BCP Palestine Solidarity gathering outside Bournemouth civic centre as council members met in the chamber.

Councillors were voting on a Pro-Peace motion from Cllr Joe Salmon, which at its core states that BCP Council "Hopes for an immediate further release of all hostages and an immediate ceasefire to allow more aid and the possibility of a peaceful resolution.".

We gathered to show support for this motion, & to highlight the desperate need for a ceasefire & peaceful resolution to the situation in Palestine, which has seen thousands killed in just the last month - let alone the decades before that.

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Hospitals, schools, refugee camps, shops & places if worship have all been bombed killing more than 10,000 civilians - more than 4,000 of them children.

Just as with our previous four demonstrations in Bournemouth, it was a positive, family occasion, with children grabbing the microphone to lead the chants.

As was noted by an independent observer attending the council meeting: "The current atmosphere is a far cry from the visions conjured up by Conservative BCP leader this week.

"Councillors have walked straight past the protest without any interaction at all."

Ahead of the meeting, Cllr Broadhead tried to curtail BCP Palestine Solidarity's plan to peacefully demonstrate, suggesting they posed a threat to councillors' safety.

He deliberately undermined the meeting attendance of the meeting- despite all previous demonstrations having gone without incident.

This fear-mongering wasted police time & led to unusually heavy handed security for members of the public attending the council meeting.

His comments were an insult to the hundreds of local people who have come out & joined the call for an immediate ceasefire & end to the occupation of Palestine. Cllr Broadhead owes us all an apology.

We were overjoyed to hear news from the chamber that the Pro-Peace motion was passed- with no one voting against. We thank all those who voted it through.

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole stands for peace, & now joins with the multitude of voices worldwide calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Bilal Yasin, Corrie Drew, Hammadi Nait-Charif, Hafsa Badat, Jake Green & Sarah Ward on behalf of BCP Palestine Solidarity