A BOURNEMOUTH-based business which is the world’s first-ever British-only flower subscription service has won a gold award for sustainability.

MeadowSweet won gold in the SME sustainability journey category at the Big Sustainability Awards.

Sophie Townsend, founder of MeadowSweet, said: “We’re over the moon to have been recognised for our efforts to become a more sustainable business. It means a lot to us, for all the hard work the team have put in over the years, it’s truly an honour to win this award.”

The family-run business was recognised for its continued efforts to be as sustainable as possible, by eliminating air miles and reducing its carbon footprint by using only locally grown flowers all year round.

Imported flowers currently account for 86 per cent of all the cut flowers sold in the UK. #

Ms Townsend said: “When we first started out in 2016, we weren’t sure if it was even possible to run a British-only flower service all year round. In fact, we were specifically told that it wasn’t possible, by a particular trader at the New Covent Garden Flower Market. Nothing like being told you can’t do something to make you try harder.’

MeadowSweet works with British growers as well as establishing its own cutting garden to ultimately achieve 100 per cent British flowers in its posies all year round.

Ms Townsend said: “It has become a little easier over the years to purchase British flowers from some of the larger under-glass growers and this has helped us to maintain variety and content during the winter and we’ve been 100% British now for six years.

“We love being able to connect our customers with nature and celebrate the diversity and seasonality of locally grown ingredients while also knowing that we aren’t causing harm to the environment.”