A CYBER security firm based in Poole says it is reaping the rewards after investing in the younger generation.

C3IA Solutions Ltd, which has 150 members of its team working across the public and private sectors, offers university placements, work experience, and apprenticeship schemes.

It says this has resulted in a crop of young talents joining its cyber, marketing, compliance, and finance departments.

Lucy Dalley and Hannah Baverstock both completed work experience placements at the company and are now working in the cyber security side of the business, as security consultant and junior consultant respectively.

Hannah said: "Though I am a graduate without a lot of experience, my input is genuinely valued and listened to. C3IA actively invests in their staff, allowing me to follow what I love and advance my career."

Other newcomers include Aidan Ritchie who was recruited as the quality, environment, safety, health and compliance manager and the company's first apprentice, Ellie Chapman, who is completing a qualification in finance administration.

Jim Hawkins of C3IA Solutions Ltd said: “There is huge value in recruiting younger people. We have welcomed some highly skilled and motivated individuals over the last few years.

“We’ve had teenagers on work experience and are committed to developing the next generation of cyber professionals.

“Through our relationship with the UK’s Cyber Security Council, we have shared a work experience programme that other companies may be able to employ. “Of course, hiring young people means we can train and develop them in how we do things – but we also learn from them, which is equally important.”

Mr Hawkins said the cyber security sector is traditionally male dominated, however, through Lucy and Hannah and its connections with educational institutions, the company is actively encouraging all young adults to consider it as a career.

He added: “It is a growing industry experiencing a shortage of professionals so by encouraging younger people we are investing in the industry’s future and growing a diverse workforce from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities.”