AS a regular road user I cannot express my concern and dismay about the current delays, uncoordinated roadworks, diversions temporary travel lights with unmanned traffic cones, causing total road chaos across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.

SGN seem to be a main culprit right now with numerous holes, dug and barriers across holes, stretching right across the connotation and the amount of delays these are incurring is quite horrendous.

Moving across from areas, such as Ferndown and West Parley, Castlepoint and Bournemouth Road is a total mess and BCP Council should be quite concerned as to the delays, this will be causing commerce, potential development and investment within the areas.

I have never known such chaos, and whilst I appreciate there are some works that need to be done there seems to be no coordinated structure to this, and far too many areas left and attended for days on end, such as the A31 near St Leonards, large areas of road network coned off for no obvious reason and no signage to explain as to why.

How can you businesses be encouraged to invest into this area when local people literally are stuck in endless lines of traffic with temporary traffic lights all over the place and delays being reported of 30 minutes plus.

I think it is about time the council took ownership of the road network And insured companies and utilities were granted the licenses to close roads, whereby the workforce would be working within one project and managing their own responsibilities with an appropriate level of workforce to ensure disruptions are kept quite literally to a minimum.

I do not see this happening at the moment and The whole area is quite a shambles to say the least .

BCP, get your act together, and ensure the roadwork is returned back to the motorist, cyclist and pedestrian, without endless lines of traffic due to incompetence work scheduling.

Matt Harrison

Queen Mary Avenue, Bournemouth