STAFF at a Bournemouth school have been left overjoyed after receiving dozens of donations for a coat swap event.

St Michaels in Bournemouth hosted a cosy coat swap at its school which it said proved to be a huge success.

The school received almost 100 coats, with furry hoods, lots of waterproofs, colours and brand names.

Franny Broadhead, the deputy chair of Friends of St Michael Primary School PTA said: “The idea behind our cosy coat swap was not only a practical solution for donating coats that no longer fit, helping to reduce waste and promote recycling, but to also help families within our school community who, with changing weather and growing children, may be facing financial challenges."

The 33-year-old added: “We asked families at our school if they had any coats that no longer fitted their children or family members that they would be happy to donate, and we were overwhelmed by the kindness and support.

“We hung them all up and luckily, the Friday afternoon we held our cosy coat swap was dry and sunny and the perfect time for parents to have a look and take whatever they needed."

The swap took place on October 20 at St Michael's School on Somerville Road in Bournemouth.