YOUR correspondent Brigitte Barnes clearly does not live in Upper Parkstone and has to take her life in her hands walking the children to and from school.

The pollution from cars and lorries makes your eyes water, having to walk in the road to get round cars parked on the narrow pavements and lack of safe crossing places particularly on Constitution Hill Road which is a free for all during school times.

She talks about the eco brigade and sneers at the pro cycling lobby but how many people are killed by push bikes and electric scooters compared to motor vehicles?

Probably none. And how many people have contracted severe respiratory diseases due to carbon monoxide emissions like the nine year old girl in London who died of an asthma attack due to air pollution and myself who has contracted COPD through working in the motor trade?

I find it very sad that there is so much opposition to segregated cycle lanes, 20 mph zones, congestion zones, wind farms and any initiatives that makes the world a safer and cleaner place for all of us and how far behind many other European countries.

You don’t have to be an eco warrior to show a bit of compassion for our planet and neighbours.

Vic Points

Cranbrook Road, Parkstone