Although Bournemouth is a fairly new town, it has had its fair share of supernatural encounters. Reports of paranormal activity in the community have been recorded for decades.

One place that has been popular in terms of other-worldly apparitions is the Town Hall.

It is said that in autumn, a First World War nurse can be seen walking the corridors or roaming the car park. Rumour has it that a nurse from this time appears, manifesting her presence in an ethereal form.

Bournemouth Echo:

But the links to the Great War don't stop there.

Once a year, come Halloween, it is said an unusual sight can be found lurking in the basement - a soldier who appears as though he is taking a drink from the sink.

In that same basement, three young lads have been seen peeking out of a window with excitement. 

The tragic story of the three brothers has been passed down through generations.

They were reportedly confined in the basement as a consequence for misbehaving, yet perished when flames engulfed the structure.

Bournemouth Echo:

The Town Hall basements are now said to be their spirits' forever home, with the soldier acting as their roommate.

For those courageous enough, a spine-tingling experience awaits on the fourth floor; it is the ghostly apparition of the headless Maharaja garbed in Indian uniform and sitting on a chair.

The ghost of a 10-year-old girl has been spotted walking up and down the stairs, and a Scotsman playing the bagpipes has also been seen and heard.

 Reports of spectral horses and carriages have been seen and heard outside, as well as a ghostly feline taking up residency in the area.