DORSET Council and their obsession with cycle ways has been inflicting chaos on travel for Ferndown residents for well over a year now, but from Monday just gone until the end of next week they have piled even more misery of those of us residents who live within vicinity of the junction of Ameysford Road/ Church Road and Wimborne Road East.

This area is being closed overnight from 8pm to 6am for this period as it has been decided to remove the top layer of road and resurface.

The noise at times has made sleep impossible.

Since the work started back in the mists of time, the stretch of road from this junction to Wimborne has had constant road contraflow systems and temporary traffic lights. Dangerous situations have occurred where drivers get impatient and try to dash through as the lights are changing to be met head on by the traffic coming towards them.

Cyclists travelling along part of the new cycleway have suddenly been met by a cone barrier, apparently because some of these lycra dressed cyclists riding carbon fibre bikes are riding at 20-30 miles an hour. Who knew we had Olympic class cyclists living in our area.

The council have trotted out the reason for all this disruption to residents lives is to provide ‘safe, sustainable transport’. The cycleway when (if) it is every completed will provide just over four miles of cycleway, which starts nowhere very convenient and ends about half a mile from Wimborne Minster, despite the officials at Dorset Council telling those who enquire that it extends to the Minster.

This ill-conceived project has been badly managed from start to finish. Our local councillors who apparently supported this work, might like to bear in mind that they will be coming up for re-election in the not too distant future, and some of us won’t quickly forget.


Hill View Road, Ferndown