BOURNEMOUTH, Poole and Christchurch Council’s new administration will say that it has only been in office for four months – but look what has happened under their watch in the past month.

Getting to work has become an obstacle course if you have to travel from one part of the conurbation to the other.

We know that gas works at Longham have gone on for a month and still the Parley Crossroads have been blocked off between these two points and there doesn’t appear to be anyone working there given the urgency.

Ham Lane reopened after a brief period of work recently.

In my view, Dorset County Highways need to own this bit.

Poole Lane and the road to Turbary is currently blocked off this week and Wimborne Road Poole is closed to traffic – and all the businesses on these routes will be seeing their incomes decimated.

One of them in Wimborne Road is a launderette at Tatnam that is vital for the unemployed or those on low wages but they won’t be able to access it.

So much for #BeKind #WereAllinThisTogether.

The trade for the other businesses I know for certain is down.

Two of these points are on arterial routes from Poole to Bournemouth and the airport.

A number of colleagues as well as myself are right to be concerned about all this.

Cycle lanes are some of the reasons justified for the delays but when they are rolled out, does the minimal use of them and hassle caused locally, was all that investment justified?

Councillors, you need to understand that business (both large and small) operates to tight deadlines, and this is crucial for their supply chains too and for the local economy – or perhaps it doesn’t matter.

Keep this up and your tenure in office will be short-lived.

Matthew Bell

Beckhampton Road, Hamworthy