A FEW years ago I was involved in a heartbreaking series of events which left five cats killed by one dog I did a deputation before the mayor and 62 ward councillors. The Bournemouth Echo were present and as a result compulsory microchipping of dogs was made law.

I had faith that things would change and our pets would be safe but that was foolish thinking as yet again another out of control dog has killed two cats as reported on October 16 by the Daily Echo.

It doesn't stop there as a big increase has been seen nationwide with attacks on children and adults with many ending in a loss of life.

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How many more attacks and fatalities must we endure, the anguish and pain of a family member destroyed in a moment whether that be a human or animal.

I would fight to the death to save my pets from an out of control dog and the irresponsible owners but where is the backbone of BCP Council, where are the dog wardens, where are landlord services with upholding their laws on keeping dogs on leads in communal areas stated clearly in tenancy agreement?

This problem will only continue to worsen unless serious action is taken by those with the power to enforce adequate and safe control measures.

We all have a right to feel safe and shouldn't have to fight for it.

Andrea Smith