I WAS interested to read the article in the Bournemouth Echo about the expansion of the Morebus zone 1 including the airport.

This is good in principle but makes no actual difference to anyone trying to get to the airport by bus in practice as the 737 bus service has only two buses to the airport (very early in the morning) and three coming back at very random times in the afternoon/evening.

It’s high time a decent hourly well-promoted bus service from the train station to the airport was reintroduced.

The Covid excuse for stopping it two-plus years ago has long gone. The airport managing company say this is nothing to do with them and purely a decision for Morebus but if they are serious about reducing the carbon footprint of all the passengers using their airport they could work with Morebus to achieve this, as could BCP.

I have a feeling that no public transport is fine with the airport as they make a tidy sum charging a £5 car pick-up drop-off fee.

This ‘charge for nothing’ and lack of public transport has also created a safety hazard of passengers being dropped off outside the entrance to the airport, crossing a busy road and walking up a narrow road which deliberately has no pavement with all their bags.

This should be an embarrassment to the airport, which by failing to provide safe pedestrian access to its site is putting passengers at risk to maximise on their drop-off charge income, and they should also be very embarrassed that they are running the only major regional airport in the country that doesn’t have reasonable public transport access.


Cliff Drive, Poole