A MIDDLE school struggling to deliver a curriculum due to a “severe shortage” of space is hoping to build a new sports hall. 

Broadstone Middle School is currently using a temporary marquee-type facility to cater for a lack of space at its sports hall. 

The school, rated as ‘good’ by Ofsted in 2019, said the new hall is required to deliver the PE curriculum and other activities which would require a large hall. 

Built in the 1970s, the existing hall is used as a PE hall, school hall and dining space.

Bournemouth Echo: CGI of new sports hallCGI of new sports hall (Image: Sheerin Bettle Architecture)

A planning statement prepared by Sheerin Bettle Architecture said: “The range of teaching required by the curriculum is limited to the sports the school can currently safely offer so some sports such as badminton, full games basketball, trampolining is not possible within the existing facilities. 

“The school has reasonable access to external spaces but these become waterlogged in the winter months and cannot be used safely in wet and cold conditions. 

“The school does not currently have dedicated changing facilities so pupils cannot change out of wet clothing during periods of inclement weather or at the end of sport lessons. 

Bournemouth Echo:

“The pupil numbers and timetabling necessitate that the school has three to four PE lessons running at the same time during the school day which represents up to 110 children.  

“The current hall does not have the capacity to accommodate this number of children so in adverse weather conditions pupils have to be taught in classrooms which is not in line with the requirements of a PE curriculum and is detrimental to the wellbeing of the pupils who need undertake exercise to promote a health and good mental stimulation.” 

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Broadstone Middle School has proposed replacing the existing hall with three separate sports halls. 

“The proposals will necessitate the loss of two basketball courts but it is felt that the construction of three indoor courts will represent a net improvement,” the statement added. 

“The building will be constructed of a mix of single-story changing and ancillary accommodation attached to a full height portal frame three court sports hall.” 

The school currently has 686 pupils - 34 pupils over capacity, according to the government.