IT WAS interesting to read in the national newspapers that BCP Council has decided not to prohibit people from camping overnight on Bournemouth’s beaches.

It seems that the council’s in-house lawyer has advised that the council may be sued if it tries to engage a police support officer to implement its existing bylaws which prohibit overnight camping. Could I suggest that BCP ask a different lawyer?

It’s obvious that none of the BCP councillors ever visit the beach early in the morning to see the mountains of trash left by visitors having parties the night before, especially after holiday weekends in the summer. It is horrendous. The beach cleaning team do a terrific job but if there are semi permanent camps around, they won’t be able to do much.

Allow unlimited camping and not only will the rubbish mountain increase but the piles of faeces will grow too, especially since no public toilets are available from 8pm to 8am.

During Covid all of the toilets were closed and people out for their one hour walk, in desperation, ended up using the back of the huts as toilets.

What will happen with unlimited camping? I shall leave it to your imagination.

What will BCP do when campers decide to take their holidays along Bournemouth beach for a week or two, or did the lawyer not think of how that’s going to work?


Grove Road, Bournemouth