VERY interesting that Joanna Wright, October 10, writes regarding the proposed food hall in Boscombe.

I disagree about the homeless aspect of her letter and people struggling to feed themselves though.

Yes, although there is an issue with homelessness and people struggling to feed themselves, I feel this is not something that would make any difference to the plight of these individuals, the problems will still exist nationwide regardless of any work on the Royal Arcade and the accommodation above.

With this arcade I think that it is good enough as it is and does not need more money ploughed into it anyway.

Ms Wright mentions “tarting up the pier”, sorry, Joanna you are wrong there too.

The pier is a very important part of the town that has fallen into serious disrepair – it is an eyesore in some parts, so I am in total agreement that money needs to be spent on that.

It is long overdue. Preferably the money that is supposedly earmarked for the Royal Arcade.


Terrace Road, Bournemouth