LIKE many people, I was disappointed to read of the Two Rivers Refill shop in Christchurch having to close.

Also, like many people, I had never set foot in the store, nor was probably likely to. Location is not the total problem. Our mindset is. But perhaps this mindset can be helped to change.

Shopping in major supermarkets has become the norm, and perhaps it’s time for big business, and the majority of shoppers (including me), to rethink our habits.

How often have we read, when applying for planning permission to build yet another aircraft hanger sized store, that these conglomerates want to encourage small local businesses, and not close them down.

Well, here’s your chance.

Perhaps every supermarket built, should have a condition that they had to supply an adjoining area of small shops, for small independent businesses to trade in.

These would be offered at fair rents, and run completely independently of their much larger neighbours.

Then the shopper would have a greater encouragement to forgo at least some of their sugar laden treats, and pop next door for something that has its origins in the natural world, and not some food factory laboratory.

Food for thought, at least.


Merrivale Avenue, Bournemouth