I’M A regular reader of the online version of the Bournemouth Echo and have various comments previously written about the poor state of Bournemouth Town Centre.

Last Saturday my partner Jane and I went to a great concert by Rob Lamberti, a George Michael tribute act at the Pavilion.

This was the first time Jane and I had had visited Bournemouth Town Centre in about two years.

As residents of Bournemouth for over 45 years, we were shocked and appalled at the run down state of Old Christchurch Road and Westover Road.

There were mostly closed down stores, Beales, House of Fraser etc. Walking around the area was like a ghost town, why would we ever want to revisit the town centre?

We can’t be the only residents who feel this way.

The council should hang its head in shame, surely the head of the council should see it as an urgent quest to regenerate the town centre and get Bournemouth’s reputation back.

Less coffee shops and more bijou micro stores, with lower rates, to build an old world charm back to Bournemouth. Let’s all try and if we fail then so be it, but better than just leaving it to rot further.